How to Prepare Your Home for Solar Power

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Most people know renewable energy is the future for electricity consumption. While oil, gas, and coal have supplied power for generations, these sources are running out. Therefore, renewable energy sources, like solar power, are the next phase. Many homeowners have already made this jump with residential solar panels. If you’re curious about this process, read this guide on how to prepare your home for solar power. You’ll see that through research, asking questions, and considering the financial advantages, solar energy might be the best option for your home.

Do Your Research

The first step when considering residential solar power is to do your research. This is crucial since you’re switching from one energy source to another. It’s likely that, as of right now, you rely on a city or communal energy supplier for your power. Instead, solar panels will provide sufficient electricity directly to your home. With more solar panel manufacturers in today’s market, there are a lot of possibilities to consider. Who provides the best cost, installation, and warranty for your home? Also, where would you install it? The roof is a common location, but if your yard is spacious, you can set them there as well.

Consider the Tax Incentives

Solar panels do not only supply consistent renewable energy to your home, but they also have cost incentives. The main cost-saving consideration to make is the tax incentives. As of now, both federal and state governments offer tax credits to residences and businesses with solar panels. The federal plan, known as the Solar Tax Credit, currently offers a 26% deduction for 2020, 22% for 2021, and 10% from 2022 and beyond. Additionally, states have their own tax deductions that add to the federal STC for even greater financial benefits.

Ask Questions

Finally, when preparing your home for solar power, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Like any home addition, this is a monumental step. Ask any of these questions before installing solar panels so that you feel comfortable taking that step. You might wonder what the maintenance and care routine is like, or who can benefit from solar panels most? Talk to your solar panel manufacturer for answers to your questions, and they will guide you through the process of residential solar energy.

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