December 8, 2023

How To Improve the Lifespan of Your Firefighter Equipment

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The need to consistently improve emergency service equipment increases for many workers, specifically firefighters. So to keep your equipment in working condition, here’s how to improve the lifespan of your firefighter equipment.

Test Equipment

As you look over your equipment and decide what you need to replace or fix, you must test everything. Start by equipping each piece and running the equipment as recommended by NFPA or your manufacturer’s instructions.

Testing also requires checking the trucks and other vehicles. While looking over each automobile, pay special attention to these areas:

  • Fuel levels
  • Lights
  • Sirens
  • Tires

Aside from your vehicle, check out the power tools and make sure they’re in operable condition. Remember that if you don’t use one piece for a long time, it can break down.

Inspect Often

After testing everything, it’s time to take them in for an inspection. If any of the equipment is a few years old or more, they might be due for a check-up. During an inspection, ensure you follow all the guidelines recommended by NFCPA or your equipment’s manufacturer.

Learn To Use the Gear

Another thing you should do is learn to use the equipment and keep relearning to hone your skills. By holding a training session, old and new firefighters can improve their abilities when working with gear.

If there are sessions that seem harder for others, or some don’t have room in their schedule to attend a training session, consider recording each class and posting it online so that they can learn later.

Spot Signs Early

When working with firefighter equipment, it’s essential to spot any potential signs early. That way, you can fix the issue before using the gear again. With a good inspection, you can improve the lifespan of your firefighter equipment. And if it’s too late for repair, you must buy new firefighter gear. That’s why spotting the signs early is important.

You must check for these warning signs often. Make it a habit to inspect your gear daily; that way, you know what parts have the most issues.

As you gather up your equipment and schedule maintenance checks, keep circling back to this guide to learn how to help improve the lifespan of your firefighter equipment.

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