December 10, 2023

House Plants Wilting? Here’s How To Perk Them Up

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House Plants Wilting? Here’s How To Perk Them Up
If you’re a plant lover, you know how rewarding it can be to see your house plants thrive. But sometimes, no matter how much care and attention you give them, your plants may start to wilt and look sad. Don’t worry! In this blog, we’ll share some tips on how to perk up wilting house plants and get them back to their vibrant selves.

Check Your Watering Habits

One of the most common reasons house plants wilt is over- or underwatering. If you’re not sure whether your plant needs water, stick your finger into the soil about 1–2 inches deep. If the soil feels dry, it’s time to water. If it’s still moist, hold off for a few more days. When watering, thoroughly saturate the soil and allow excess water to drain out from the bottom of the pot.

Provide Adequate Light

Another reason your house plants may be wilting is due to a lack of light. Most house plants require bright, indirect sunlight to thrive. If your plant isn’t getting enough light, it may start to droop and wilt. Consider moving your plant to a brighter location or supplementing it with artificial grow lights if necessary.

Give It Space

Our next tip for perking up wilting house plants is to give them space—as in actual, physical space in their pots. If your house plants have crisp, yellow leaves, it could be a sign the pots they’re currently in are too cramped.

Your plant’s roots grow over time, and these roots need wiggle room to effectively absorb nutrients and water. Moving your plants to bigger pots will allow the roots to grow out so they can provide enough sustenance for your green friends to thrive.

Use House Plant Food

House plants are prone to nutrient deficiencies. Fortunately, you can use house plant food, a type of fertilizer, to provide essential nutrients that your plants may be lacking. There are many types of house plant food available, including liquid, granular, and slow-release options. Follow the instructions on the package carefully, as overfertilizing can do more harm than good.

If you have wilting house plants, don’t panic! With a little TLC, your house plants can bounce back and continue to bring joy to your home.

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