House Maintenance Tasks To Do After Winter

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After a long winter, it’s time to get ready for spring. Many areas experience low temperatures in the winter, and some areas also get snow. Regardless of what your winter is like, there are steps you must take to prepare for the warmer months. Below, we suggest a few house maintenance tasks to do after winter, so read on to learn more.

Check the Gutters

Checking the gutters is one of the most important house maintenance tasks to do after winter. You should have your gutters cleaned twice a year to prevent damage to your home. Clogged gutters can cause structural issues and foundational damage. To avoid damage to your home, make sure to remove leaves and debris from the gutters bi-annually. Make sure you’re extremely careful if you get onto a ladder, as you could fall and hurt yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable doing these tasks yourself, have a professional come out and take care of them.

Open the Pool

Warmer weather means everyone can spend more time outdoors. As summer gets closer, many people are opening their above-ground pools. If you want to take advantage of warm days, make sure to consider how to open an above-ground pool. Many people open their pools in early spring because they want to enjoy those warm and sunny days. You could also call a professional if you aren’t comfortable doing the process yourself.

Wash the House

The winter can dirty the exterior of homes, so it’s a smart idea to wash your house in the spring. Choose a sunny day and get to work. Start by closing all the windows and covering nearby plants. Most cleaners aren’t good for greenery, so make sure you’re cautious. Resist the urge to use a power washer, as a hose should do the trick. A power washer can damage the exterior of some homes, so play it safe and use a hose instead. Many stores sell cleaning kits that you can attach to your hose. Work in sections to ensure you don’t miss any parts of the house. Again, you can consult a professional for assistance if necessary.

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