December 8, 2023

GPD names Dispatcher of Year

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The Germantown Police Department recently awarded the Dispatcher of the Year.

Charday Bell was named the recipient of the Germantown Police Department’s 2021 Dispatcher of the Year award.

Charday Bell began her career with GPD in April of 2020 and quickly because a vital part of the communications division.

Public Safety Dispatcher Jailer (PSDJ) Bell has an exemplary work ethic and has been awarded the Dispatcher of the Month.

Her dedication and dependability on the midnight shift have also earned her a Letter of Appreciation for an additional nomination.

PSDJ Bell has assisted her fellow employees in learning the new CAD system when it was first implemented and works jointly with the City’s IT department as a liaison to the communications division.

In her two years of service to the City, Bell has shown that she is a great asset not only to the communications division, but also the City of Germantown.

In addition, Bell is has expressed desire to become a Communications Training Officer and is currently enrolled in training to become certified. We’d like to congratulate Charday Bell and thank her for all her hard work.

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