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GPC invites community to join together in prayer, reflection

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The Germantown Presbyterian Church family has invited the Germantown community and beyond to participate in a community-wide call to prayer and reflection entitled, “From Lament to Hope: Lord, in Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers.”
GPC’s historic Evans Chapel will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Sundays from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. for silent prayer and reflection during the months of November and December.
“May you live in interesting times.” Typically misattributed as an ancient Chinese curse, this quote becomes most familiar when Robert Kennedy uses it in a speech in Cape Town, June 1966. He continued, “Like it or not we live in interesting times…times of danger and uncertainty.”
He goes on to add an element of hope saying, “but they are also more open to…creative energy…than any other time in history.”
According to Kennedy, the “curse” of interesting times can inspire creativity on all levels of society. He moves his focus from lament to hope. “GPC believes this process can be especially helpful and healthy in the presence of God.”
During the month of November, the community will have the opportunity to visit historic Evans Chapel and share laments on brown paper leaves and pin them, as you feel led, to an autumn tree painted on canvas at the front of the chapel, a piece of art created by GPC member and local artist Kathy Kalagias.
Then in December, during the season of Advent, the focus of the prayer and reflection will shift from lament to hope. The fall tree will be exchanged for a spring tree providing the chance to pin your hope leaves to that canvas.
GPC will provide a sheet with prayers and questions for personal reflection if you desire. Or you may simply prefer to pray and reflect silently on your own.
You’re invited to come to the chapel in person or visit the webpage to participate from home with access to the same resources that are onsite. To access this effort, go to the GPC homepage (www.GermantownPres.org) and click on the “Lament to Hope” link. There you’ll also have the opportunity to share your lament and/or hope electronically, and someone can place it on the tree for you. You’ll also be able to request that a minister contact you to talk and pray.
For more information about online and onsite worship, check out the GPCwebsite: https://GermantownPres.org/.

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