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Germantown students collect coins for an international cause

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• Sometimes a little can add up to a lot and The Madonna Learning Center Aktion Club in conjunction with Germantown Kiwanis recently organized a week-long school coin drive to raise money for the people of Ukraine. Students encouraged family and friends to donate any and all spare coins from their pockets, purse, or junk drawers. Every class had a special jar for their donations. In just one week’s time, the jars began to fill. At week’s end, each class counted their donations and the Madonna Aktion Club members collected the jars, made a trip to Bank of Bartlett where the bank staff hand-rolled and then deposited. In exchange they received a check for a little over $2,000. The next and final stop was a visit to World Relief Memphis to present the check. These students helped “make change” for the refugees of Ukraine. “Together we can make a difference – even if it’s one small coin at a time.”

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