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Germantown pastor speaks openly for first time after deadly plane crash

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By Thomas Sellers, Jr., West10/MVP News 

Just 17 days into the new year, the life of Pastor Kennon Vaughan was shaken and devastated when a plane he was onboard crashed outside of Yoakum, Texas. 

Now three months removed from the debris, Vaughan is trying to piece together things and remember those who were tragically lost that fateful day. From the pulpit this past Sunday Vaughan finally expressed feelings on survival and paid tribute to those who worshipped with him at Harvest Church.

““It was obviously just a miracle of His sovereign goodness that he saved me from the crash site and the surgeries that ensued and to this day, so I just want to start by saying praise God,” Vaughan said.

Vaughan thanked the congregation at Harvest Church for their continued prayers. The faithful at 3645 Forest Hill Irene Road kept their Pastor lifted up in their thoughts as he physically recovered from the crash.

The plane crash happened near CR 462 and FM 318 in Yoakum around 10:50 a.m. The Yoakum Municipal Airport was within a mile of the plane crash site. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) investigated the crash, which the FAA said occurred “under unknown circumstances.” 

Five men were aboard the plane with only Vaughan surviving. 

Harvest Church, Germantown and many others lost Bill Garner, Steve Tucker, Tyler Patterson, and Tyler Springer on Jan. 17. 

The four deceased passengers were vital members of the church: Executive Pastor Garner, church elder Tucker, and Patterson and Springer were staff members. 

On Sunday, Vaughan said he was still recovering from these injuries, and when the time is right, he wants to eulogize the four victims of the crash with the rest of the church community.

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