Fun Ways to Spend More Time Outside

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Spending some time outdoors is rejuvenating for the mind and helps you to move around more than you would when you’re cooped up in your home or at the office. As the nation slowly begins to open back up, and the COVID-19 situations begin to recede, you may want to start including more exercise and outdoor exposure to your lifestyle. Try some of these fun ways to spend more time outside.

Photograph Nature

Many of us want to get out in nature more often during our leisure time, but there just doesn’t seem to be a substantial reason to. We might think seeing the trees and lawn right outside the window is enough. By getting into nature photography, though, you can fully immerse yourself in the less manicured areas around you. Taking up nature photography can give you a creative outlet to capture the beauty of the landscape and the individual plants and wildlife you spot while walking outside. It can also allow you to take a breather from your busy schedule and appreciate the small details that you might rush past at other moments.

Go Weekend Camping

Weekends are perfect for engaging in more extensive outdoor activities, so use the freedom they provide to go on camping trips to all sorts of fun destinations. Research the trails, campgrounds, lakes, and other cool locations that are accessible to you. You’ll be able to escape from the mundane familiarity of your home and workplace into a fresh environment where you can both relax and exercise.

While camping, you can hike, play casual sports, and swim. All these activities represent workouts that are so enjoyable, you’ll forget you’re working out. In your downtime, you might sit amongst the vegetation, meditating in silence or talking with friends and family. What could be better?

Commute With a Bike

Building a fun way to spend more time outside into your daily schedule is another approach you might take. Instead of driving to work, you could choose to use a bicycle on nice days. This means that you’ll be in direct contact with the open air the whole way. Because you travel at a slower pace than you would with a car, you can take more notice of your natural surroundings as well. Sometimes, riding a bike instead of driving can completely transform your perspective, even on routes that you take every day.

If you’re daunted by the prospect of riding a bike a long distance, don’t let that stop you. Consider getting an e-bike that aids your pedaling with an electric motor to relieve some of the burden from you. E-bikes come in several styles, so you can find one that matches your commuting needs without too much trouble.

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