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Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Employee’s Birthday at Work

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Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Employee’s Birthday at Work

Birthdays in the workplace are easy to write off as a regular day, but that shouldn’t be the case; birthdays are a way to celebrate personal milestones and reflect on our years. Celebrating a birthday at work can be awkward if plans fall short, but it doesn’t take much to make your employees feel appreciated and special on their day! Here are six fun ways to celebrate your employee’s birthday at work. 

Surprise Them With a Decorated Space

A simple but thoughtful way to make an employee feel special on their birthday is by surprising them with a decorated workspace. You can cover the space with balloons, confetti, or streamers in their favorite colors. If the employee has been vocal about how excited they are for their birthday, this is the perfect way to recognize their day. 

Have Their Favorite Treats Delivered

If your employee isn’t big on celebrating their birthday and would rather avoid a lot of attention, you can have their favorite treats delivered right to their desk to acknowledge their day. Surprise them with a box of their favorite donuts or cookies, and add a decorative bow on top for a festive feel.

Throw an After-Hours Cocktail Party

Sometimes, celebrating during work hours is not ideal for the birthday employee. If they decide to opt out of celebrating at work, suggest a team outing for cocktails. If they don’t drink, consider finding a place that offers mocktails. Alternatively, you could ask other employees to sign up for a virtual cocktail class and create your own cocktails to share and celebrate!

Gift Them Some Company Swag

If your employee has been eyeing a particular company swag item or needs a new coffee mug, this is the best time to gift them personalized swag. Have their name or nickname printed on a company-branded item to make it memorable!

Organize a Team Lunch Party

Transform your office break room into a party venue for your employee’s birthday! Hire their favorite eatery to cater the food and invite the workplace into the break room for a lunch party. Set aside an hour to celebrate your hard-working employee by playing games, listening to music, and socializing.

Leave Personalized Virtual Messages 

Creating a personalized virtual birthday card could make someone’s day! Send a link to all your employees—except the birthday person—and ask everyone to write a thoughtful message wishing them the happiest of birthdays. Present the virtual card to your employee first thing in the morning and watch them glow the rest of the day.

There are many ways to acknowledge birthdays, and we hope these six fun ways to celebrate your employee’s birthday at work help you plan the most memorable day for them!

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