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Four Common Construction Site Injuries To Avoid on the Job

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Construction is one of the most dangerous industries out there, but, even so, the work still needs to get done. Rain or shine, night or day, these workers push their bodies to the limit and put themselves at risk each and every shift. While some get through without incident, there are others who aren’t as lucky. These are a few common construction site injuries and what you can do to help protect yourself from them while on the job.

Broken Bones

Some of the most dangerous of these workplace injuries have to do with breaking bones. Between the heavy machinery and the sharp construction materials, there are a lot of things that could do this to you. As many precautions are taken to reduce the frequency of broken bones on the jobsite, this is always a real possibility for those working near large, powerful equipment. This form of injury is especially likely in road construction zones, where passing traffic needs to be controlled. So, make sure your team always has a qualified traffic flagger to watch your back.

Heat Stroke or Frost Bite

Regardless of whether it’s hot or cold outside, it’s your job as a construction professional to endure it for the sake of completing the project. Unfortunately, this puts you in the position to develop several weather-related injuries such as heat stroke or frost bite. Both of these conditions put a considerable amount of strain on the body and, in severe cases, even result in the loss of a limb or death. So, make sure you’re always dressing in accordance with the weather and taking breaks to warm up or cool down.

Electrical Burns

Construction workers are also at a high risk of getting burned by any electrical circuits on or near the work zone. This is because while most of the electricity can be turned off in a given area, this depends on how populated the location is and how the wiring was set up. As such, it’s still likely you’ll be walking near live wires during your day’s work. To prevent these burns, be extra aware of your surroundings and wear protective gear at all times.

Hearing or Vision Loss

Another common construction site injury is a loss of vital senses. Both our hearing and vision are very sensitive to external stressors. So, when you’re working near loud tools, or things that produce bright light, you’re putting strain on your ears and eyes. Eventually, this can cause your senses to dull—and even result in you losing them entirely. For this reason, always wear the proper ear and eye protection when working near certain hazards and limit your exposure to these conditions.

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