Fire Station Interior Design Tips

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If you’re a full-time firefighter, you’re probably spending more time at the fire station—or responding to emergencies—than you do at home. So why wouldn’t you want to update the station’s decor? We put together a list of fire station interior design tips to get you started. Read on to learn more.

Incorporate your station’s logo or badge

Most (if not all) fire stations have a logo. If you don’t, then you certainly have a badge that connects you back to the community you’re serving. Use that logo or badge as your design’s foundation; you could paint your station’s logo on the floor and then use a sealer. On the other hand, your station might have nice floors already, so instead, incorporate the logo into a mural on the wall. If you want to take your design skills to the next level, you could use the colors in your logo as your color palette for the rest of the building. That way, everything will tie together nicely.

Modernize your facility’s kitchen

Every firefighter wants to stay healthy and active, and they usually take their diet seriously. To encourage healthy habits, install a modern kitchen in your facility. Make sure the appliances you choose will support your entire team. The refrigerator should have plenty of storage space—and don’t forget a dishwasher. Nothing beats being able to cook yourself a healthy, hearty meal in between responding to emergencies.

Make decor out of memories

There’s no doubt that, as a firefighter, you probably have on-the-job memories that you’re proud of. What’s interesting is that people can tie memories into almost anything, whether it’s a meal, a photo, or an object. One way you can honor those memories is by incorporating them into your station’s decor. For instance, while firefighting equipment is heavy-duty, it can break over time. If you have broken tools from responses that were memorable to your station, put those tools on the wall as a unique way to commemorate them. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you’re replacing that old equipment with high-quality firefighting tools.

No two fire stations are the same, but many fire stations have something in common––they’re boring. You should treat your station like your home and update the décor to create an environment where firefighters want to be (when they’re not working, of course). These fire station interior design tips will get you started, but the most important tip is that you keep the station personal to your team and community.

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