December 8, 2023

Fashionable Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

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Fashionable Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

As the summer ends, cities around the country are starting to feel the beginning of the autumn-winter season. As much as we loved wearing shorts and tank tops, it’s time to break out the hoodies, boots, and beanies! When fall turns to winter, it could leave us wearing dull, boring winter outfits—but it’s time we change that. Here are some fashionable ways to stay warm this winter.

Become a Pro at Layering

It’s practical for you to layer your clothes during the winter to help you stay warm. This is the best time to experiment with your style and color to create a new look. You can layer with just about anything, like a long coat. You can even get stylish with your hoodie! The key is to find timeless items and pair them with trendier pieces.

Show Off Your Boots

What’s winter fashion without boots? Knee-high, ankle, cowboy, or combat—all are great choices to keep you warm while still staying stylish. Show off your shoes by pairing them with tights or cuffed jeans. While your boots should be practical, you should have fun with them! Instead of getting normal black boots, experiment with bright colors and patterns.

Add a Belt to Your Coats

Once the temperature begins to drop, we get out the trusty coats that keep us warm day after day. Instead of throwing on the same tired winter coat, why not spruce it up with a belt? Bring life to your jacket by adding a chic or bold belt.

Experiment With (Faux) Fur

When the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you have every excuse to bring out your fur. The ultimate way to stay warm while still being fashionable is by wearing (faux) fur. Fur coats have always been present in autumn and winter fashion. You should push the envelope and experiment! Fur coats can come in many different colors and patterns for you to try. Adding a fur coat to your outfit will upgrade it from ordinary to luxe! If a fur coat is too much, try out other fur accessories like a scarf, beanie, or mittens.

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