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‘Essential’ businesses allowed temporary signage

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Germantown’s Economic and Community Development Department has adopted a policy that allows essential businesses open during the Shelter-In-Place order to advertise to customers that they are open for business.

City Code Compliance officers will be visiting businesses during the Shelter-in-Place Order to review temporary signage and answer any questions.

Under this new policy, each essential business open for operation will be permitted one temporary horizontal banner made of vinyl in a size not to exceed 3-by-10 and up to two sandwich board signs with a sign face area no larger than 24-by-36.

Each sign shall advertise for that specific business only. The content shall be limited to business operations (e.g. hours of operation, take out, curbside, etc.) and not for product advertisement. 

All temporary signs shall be located on the property of that essential business which is open for operation. Temporary signage for closed businesses, as well as temporary signage pertaining to other essential businesses in other locations, is not permitted.

Temporary banners shall be affixed on all four corners to the building, located near the main entrance.

Sandwich board signs shall be located near the main entrance of the business.

At the close of business each day, sandwich board signs shall be removed from the outdoor premises and stored inside.

Temporary banners and sandwich board signs are permitted for every essential business open during the Shelter-in-Place Order. As soon as the Shelter-in-Place Order expires, and all businesses are allowed to operate again, all temporary banners and sandwich board signs shall be removed within seven days. The City is not requiring a permit for these specific temporary signs during the Shelter-in-Place Order. 

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