Does Color Matter When Buying a Fishing Light?

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Does Color Matter When Buying a Fishing Light?

Veteran anglers know that light makes all the difference while night fishing. However, you might not be aware of this advantage if you’re new to the sport. It might seem counterproductive; after all, isn’t the whole point of night fishing to fish in the dark?

The truth is lights of different colors can dramatically increase your success. Does color really matter when buying a fishing light? Read on to take your night-fishing game to the next level.

Which Colors Are Best for Dock Lights?

Dock lights come in several colors. However, a few take the cake when it comes to attracting large fish. Most seasoned anglers agree that white and green lights are the best for successful night fishing.

White Lights

White lights are effective at luring fish because of what they attract. Plankton flock to white light, which triggers a natural cycle. Baitfish that feed on plankton follow them toward the light. These baitfish then attract the gamefish you’re looking for.

Green Lights

Green lights work in the same way as white lights. However, they’re way more effective at attracting gamefish. Green light can penetrate deep waters without dissipating, allowing them to reach more marine life efficiently.

This isn’t to say any green light will work to improve your night-fishing experience. You’ll need maintenance-free green fishing lights to keep debris from interfering with vibrancy.

How To Use Lights To Improve Your Night Fishing

Many anglers use both over-water and underwater lighting to create the best environment for night fishing. You can assemble these light fixtures in the water below your dock and fish from the comfort of your own home!

Others equip their boats with white and green lights to fish on open waters. White overwater lights increase visibility, while green lights are easier on the eyes. Most fishermen use a combination of both to find the formula that works best for them.

So, the answer is yes: Color does matter when buying a fishing light! Choosing high-quality fixtures will transform hobby fishers into master anglers in no time.

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