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Warehouses are full of expensive goods, materials, or equipment—without proper security, everything inside is at greater risk of theft or destruction. Security during the day and night is important; anything could go wrong during a workday, just like how many malevolent activities could take place at night.

If your company owns a warehouse to store your products, it’s your job to ensure that your security is constantly improving—never stagnating. These different ways warehouses can improve security will help prevent loss of any kind in your storage facility.

Security Systems With Self-Learning A.I.

While you need security guards to watch your surveillance footage and patrol the property, giving them the tools they need to do their jobs better will help them focus on security threats in real-time. Surveillance cameras and access control systems with intelligent A.I. can pick up on people or objects that are out of place—they can even recognize repeat visitors and search by company ID. The symbiotic relationship between your cameras, security software, and even the two-way radios your security staff uses can improve safety for every employee.

Make Sure Employees Learn Emergency Procedures

Emergencies trip any industry up but can especially send a warehouse into panic mode. An emergency in a warehouse could lead to a disaster for the community surrounding it, depending on what’s inside. Ensure that your security staff and workers know how to respond to every type of emergency to keep as many people safe as possible.

Everyone should know the escape routes, procedures, and technology involved with each type of emergency. They may need to learn how to use their two-way radios during an emergency, especially if they need to use apps that they don’t normally use. Always keep a head count during emergency situations; it can help you ensure that all employees are present.

Go Digital With Your Data Entry

When stock is on the loading dock, errors during data entry can lead to misleading numbers or inaccurate supply counts. Human error is difficult to account for and could lead to staff never knowing about theft or falsely indicating loss where there is none. Not only is this an inconvenience, but it’s a threat to your warehouse’s security.

One of the ways warehouses can improve security is by using barcodes or RFIDs instead of counting by hand. Your employees will thank you when all they need to do is scan each load, rather than manually inputting information into a spreadsheet. Once the data is in the system, your workers can quickly move products out of the loading zone—or into it if they’re shipping out.

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