Decorative Uses for Stainless Steel

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The presence of stainless steel abounds throughout many industries in our society, including the architectural industry. Just look around any building you enter, and you’re sure to find some stainless steel elements inside. When used decoratively, stainless steel can complete the look of any facility. Read on to discover some common decorative uses for stainless steel.


You’ve probably seen a stainless-steel elevator before. With their sleek, shiny metal doors and interiors, they’re hard to miss. Stainless-steel elevators are both a visually appealing and functional choice, as they’re resistant to wear and easy to clean—an important element in any object that’s used by so many people each day.


No facility would be complete without handrails—they’re a necessity in terms of both aesthetics and safety. Due to its high level of resistance to corrosion and low maintenance level, stainless steel is one of the most popular options for these fabrications. Stainless-steel handrail and guardrail systems can be used both indoors and outdoors, and you can customize to the shape and style of your liking.

Architectural Accents

Decorating with stainless steel can be as simple as leaving a bit of a building’s stainless-steel structural elements exposed. Stainless steel can be used as an architectural accent on both the inside and outside of a building, providing visual contrast to the other materials used in construction. Examples of this include stainless-steel beams left exposed on a ceiling, stainless-steel pillars, or sections of decorative stainless-steel plating on the exterior of a building.

Art and Signs

One of the best decorative uses for stainless steel is the creation of art and signs. Stainless steel is a great material to use in modern sculptures; the metal can be crafted into abstract shapes or stunningly lifelike figures. A stainless-steel sign is sure to catch any visitor’s attention. Depending on the look you are going for, you can craft these pieces from highly polished stainless steel or create a subtler—but still sleek—brushed finish.

Custom Fabrications

If you want to decorate your architectural project with stainless steel but don’t see your idea above, never fear! There are many other ways to decorate with stainless steel that have not been included in this list. With the help of a custom stainless steel fabrication service, you can even design your own unique stainless-steel decorations or architectural elements. Because custom stainless-steel fabrications are specifically created for you, they will fit your functional and decorative needs perfectly.

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