Common Items To Never Flush Down the Drain

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Toilets and drains seem like magic given how much action they see on a daily basis. There are some items you must always avoid flushing and throw away instead. Check out some of these common items to never flush down the drain or risk facing serious and costly repairs.

Baby Wipes

Contrary to popular belief, baby wipes, facial wipes, and other cleaning wipes are dangerous to your home’s plumbing system. Even if the packaging says “flushable,” avoid flushing flushable wipes down the drain. Flushable wipes are notorious for causing blockages in your pipes. Since they don’t disintegrate like normal toilet paper, these products lead to costly maintenance fees for homeowners. Do your due diligence and throw wipes in the garbage.


When you handwash dishes, you may think it’s no big deal when small scraps of food and other debris fall into the drain. Similarly, you might assume it’s fine if solid food goes down the toilet since they look like they can handle it. Well, they can’t. There’s a big difference between human waste and solid foods. Toilets are designed for human waste. Your kitchen sink is not designed to collect solid foods. Avoid letting oils or other fatty foods fall down the drain. This can lead to major blockages. Unless you have a garbage disposal, always toss uneaten foods into a garbage can before doing the dishes.

Hygiene Products

Personal hygiene products are common items to never flush down the drain. Never flush tampons or menstrual pads down the toilet since they don’t disintegrate. Since they’re designed to absorb liquids, they’ll simply expand when you flush them, which will damage your toilet and septic tanks. Never flush diapers for the same reason.

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