Building Bonds, One Dodgeball at a Time

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Mother/son tournament sponsored by PTO fostered teamwork

By Jack Freeman Student Writer

The mother son event at Dogwood Elementary is an annual activity thrown by the PTO to celebrate the bond between a mother and her son through a dodgeball tournament. This year 10 teams, each with their own color, battled it out until one team remained. It was the perfect mother/son bonding activity. 

Not only is there dodgeball, but there are also fun games to do before the main event. Volunteers from the high school man the events, and they encourage the fun to continue.  

Before the game a second grader on the black team said he thought his team was really good, and that they would make it really far in the tournament. He also had played dodgeball before and said he was decent at the game. He was excited to get into the competition with his mom.

The winner of the dodgeball tournament was the white team, who beat the black team in the championship. 

The students at Dogwood are thankful for the PTO, who worked hard to put on the event, and for the volunteers who worked the side games and were referees. This was a fun activity for everybody who was involved, and it connected mothers and sons through competition. 

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