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By Kathleen Edelmuth

PICTURED above: Kathleen Edelmuth, Judi Luepke, Leslie Hartigan, Theresa Johnson, Lila Lusk, Ann Burgess, Beth Edmondson, Marianne Parrs, and Michelle Grady.
Leslie Hartigan and Kathleen Edelmuth with DJ Hartigan (pup)

Windgarden Cove in Southwind has a well established twenty-years-in-operation Book Club. In addition to promoting reading among its members, the ladies take pride in welcoming new neighbors to the cove and assisting residents who are in need of help whenever a need arises such as health issues. They are a ※hands-on§group of neighbors! Books are selected in August for the upcoming nine  month period under the leadership of Marianne Parrs. A recent meeting held at the lovely home of Leslie Hartigan was very well attended by book enthusiasts of Windgarden Cove and the delightful dinner theme mirrored the book of the month theme! A lively discussion of the book of the month ensued and a great time was had by all.

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