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Allen named first 2022 Teacher of the Month

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Dogwood Elementary School teacher Laura Allen has a reputation for “making first grade fun” for her students.
Parents, colleagues and students sing her praises for her “engaging teaching methods and commitment to student growth.”
That is why Allen is the first teacher to be recognized this year as the 2022 Teacher of the Month by the Germantown Education Commission.
The award was given Monday night during the regularly scheduled Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting.
Allen was nominated for the award largely because of her “ability to seamlessly transition her students to virtual learning during challenging times.”
City Administrator Jason Huisman said that one nomination noted that Allen “managed to make our first graders feel like they were having a somewhat normal year, regardless of whether they were virtual or in the building – even the students who weren’t in class.”
Allen, who refers to her students as ‘Allengators,’ rewards first graders when they complete tasks, attend early morning tutoring or participate in extracurricular activities.
She annually raises money to support children and caregivers at Foster Village Memphis and volunteers with the Neighborhood Christian Center. After the flood in 2019, she helped fundraising efforts for the owners of local flooded houses.
Huisman said that one nomination summed up Allen’s contributions by noting that she is a “school leader who consistently innovates for her students’ benefits, gives selflessly of her time and supports her students outside of school.”

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