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All GMSD schools earnthe highest marks in achievement

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Germantown Municipal School District

The Tennessee Department of Education has updated the State Report Card system to make information about schools and districts.  The State Report Card includes a new dashboard with key performance indicators such as academic achievement, growth, attendance, English learners’ proficiency, and for high schools, metrics on college and career readiness and graduation rates.

These grades are based on multiple factors, including student achievement and growth, with special attention to the progress of high-need students and, for high schools, measures of college and career readiness. 

Strengths: Each and every one of our schools earned top marks (the highest possible rating) in achievement scores, meaning we feel confident that our students are prepared for what is next.  They are outperforming their peers across Tennessee on the state assessments.  

 We are also extremely proud that our high school earned the highest possible distinction in its college and career readiness score.  This represents students that are scoring a composite score of 21 or higher on the ACT (indicating college readiness) or meeting the alternative requirements such as industry certifications, ASVAB scores, and or earning additional post-secondary credits. 

“We’re proud to share that every school in the Germantown Municipal School District has achieved straight A’s in achievement this year. This accomplishment highlights our strong focus on high-quality education and continuous improvement. Thanks to the hard work of our students, teachers, and staff, GMSD continues to lead in educational outcomes statewide,” said Superintendent Jason Manuel.

GMSD boasts a composite ACT average of 23.9, placing it among the highest in the state. Impressively, over 70 percent of our students achieve a composite score above 21 on the ACT. Regarding Advanced Placement (AP) exams, 1,163 were taken, with 83.3 percent of students scoring 3 or higher, thereby earning college credits. This year, we observed an 8.5 percent increase in AP scores. Additionally, our district is proud to announce 15 National Merit finalists. Notably, 9 seniors achieved perfect scores on the ACT, showcasing the exceptional talent within our student body.

HHS School Profile Sheet

GMSD’s composite ACT Average is 23.9, one of the highest in the state, with 100 percent participation rate

Over 70 percent of our students are scoring above a 21 composite score on the ACT

146 HHS Students have an ACT composite score of 30 or higher (106 are seniors, 20 percent of the senior class)

Overall ACT perfect composite score of 36; 10 students (9 are seniors)

15 national merit finalists

29 AP courses offered

1,163 AP exams taken, 83.3 percent of students scoring a 3 or greater (earning college credits)

8.5 percent increase in percent of students earning college credit on AP scores in 2023

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