5 Tools That Make Metal Fabrication Easier

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5 Tools That Make Metal Fabrication Easier

When working in an industrial setting, efficiency is one of the most important traits your business can have. Efficiency doesn’t mean cutting corners in order to finish jobs quickly; instead, it means spending exactly the right amount of effort on a project with little waste. Discover five tools that make metal fabrication easier and more efficient.

Electric Torque Multiplier

Putting parts together often requires heavy-duty bolts, screws, and other fasteners. Sometimes, it means removing these fasteners to correct something. Either way, heavy-duty fasteners can be extremely difficult to use with just your bare hands. Every fabricator needs an electric torque multiplier to apply and remove bolts quickly.

Laser Cutting Machine

A laser cutting machine is an essential piece of equipment in metal fabrication. Without it, you’ll have to spend more time cutting parts with less efficient methods, or you’ll need a contractor. Doing all your cuts in-house makes a huge difference in speed and making and correcting part dimensions.

Floor-Standing Bandsaw

You won’t get very far in metal fabrication if you can’t make clean and efficient cuts. While a laser cutter can help you create custom parts for projects, you’ll use a bandsaw for quick cuts. Not every bandsaw is designed for heavy-duty usage, so invest in one with good metal-cutting features.

Press Brake

A press brake is among the top five tools that make metal fabrication easier. Basically, this device bends metal into different shapes. It takes up quite a bit of space, but you’ll find the investment is worthwhile.

Again, press brakes allow you to bend metal in many ways. This feature is crucial for metal fabrication because many automated machines do a limited variations of bends and shaping maneuvers.

Die Grinder

Grinders are important in metal fabrication because they smooth and polish materials. They can also help you gradually remove bits of metal without losing control. You’ll use a die grinder most often for smoothing out welds and making them look clean. This is an important part of making your finished product look good.

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