5 Health Benefits of LED Lighting

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The lighting you use in your home does far more than illuminate your space. LED lights are known to have many benefits compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Here are five health benefits of switching to LED lighting in your home.

LEDs Regulate Your Circadian Rhythm  

Your circadian rhythm is responsible for regulating your sleep patterns. Exposure to natural light plays a large role in a healthy circadian rhythm. If you aren’t exposed to enough natural light, you could end up tossing and turning all night and experiencing the harmful effects of insufficient sleep. LED lights most closely mimic natural lights to normalize your sleep pattern.

LEDs Decrease Stress and Anxiety

Just like with our circadian rhythm, we need sunlight to manage stress and anxiety. If we don’t receive an optimal amount of natural light, we are more likely to experience stress, anxiety, or issues like Seasonal Affective Disorder in darker months. Once again, LEDs can provide an alternative solution to natural lighting when we aren’t getting enough.

LEDs Reduce Headaches

Light sensitivity is a common cause of migraines and headaches. The flickering of incandescent bulbs is often the cause of these ailments. LED lights do not flicker, and they reach their maximum lighting potential immediately, decreasing lighting-induced headaches.  

LEDs Decrease Exposure to UVs and Radiation 

Fluorescent and incandescent lights emit UV radiation and are made with mercury, both of which are toxic to humans in large doses. LED lights are not made with any traces of mercury and emit very low amounts, if any, of UV radiation.

LEDs Increase Productivity

LED lights increase productivity based on the color temperature, directional lighting capabilities, and lack of heat they emit. This benefit is extremely helpful in offices and educational sites. In a world where working and learning from home have become the norm, LEDs are a smart choice for your home office as well.  

These five health benefits of LED lighting will make your home a healthier and happier place for you.

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