4 Things You Must Do To Maintain Your RV

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4 Things You Must Do To Maintain Your RV

Recreational vehicles provide one big thing: freedom. You can access almost any part of the world with an RV. Even better, it’s like bringing your home along with you, making it easy to camp or rove as the spirit moves you. So check out these four things you must do to maintain your RV. Keep them in mind so that you can keep on trucking!

Watch the Wheels

Obviously, as the saying goes, everything is riding on your RV’s wheels. Ensure you have a set of all-season tires that can take any abuse the road or weather can dish out. Before a trip, inspect your tires for wear and tear, looking for worn treads, potential punctures, and any abrasions along the sides. Keep them inflated according to the instructions in the owner’s manual. Have your tires rotated and realigned regularly to reduce the stress they’re under and extend their lives. And don’t forget to check the spare as well. You don’t want any bad surprises if you get a flat.

Give It Shelter

On the road, your RV will meet plenty of external forces: sunlight, rain, snow, sleet, dirt, debris, and more. Keep it clean with regular washes and waxes, and give it a protective coat. This will protect it from rust, corrosion, salt buildup, and other grit and grime picked up on the country’s highways. Watch the roof, looking for any potential breaks or cracks, and have them repaired to keep water out. When you’re not out on the road, store your RV in a climate-controlled facility that offers ongoing service and inspections.

Engine Ideas

Never neglect your engine. Bring your RV to a responsible mechanic to have the engine and other parts of the vehicle inspected and maintained. Change the oil every 4,000 to 6,000 miles and the oil filter as needed. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, and if it runs out, you’ll be stuck. Top off or change the other fluids as well to head off overheating, engine failure, and potential accidents. Update the air filters as well to keep the engine clean and free from damaging debris and residue.

Plumb Good Plumbing

One of the great benefits of having an RV is that it provides a civilized place to stay clean, even in the wild. But you need to maintain the plumbing system to keep the entire process hygienic. Check for leaks and other issues with the plumbing to catch small problems before they become big ones. Flush the water system at least once a year (or more often if it’s experiencing heavy use) to prevent bacteria buildup. Be sure you’re using the proper chemicals to break down waste in the holding tank, which can prevent clogs. Finally, stay on top of emptying your tank in designated dumping stations to prevent backup.

Those are just four things you must do to maintain your RV. Review your owner’s manual and talk to your mechanic about what else you can do to keep things running smoothly!

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