December 11, 2023

4 of the Best Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

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4 of the Best Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

The spring leads to multiple opportunities for people to grow and make things new. For most people, spring is a time for cleaning and organizing their homes after spending time inside during winter, but this is an uphill task that involves numerous jobs. Seniors and older adults may find this list of tasks daunting, but these tips will help them in their time of spring cleaning.

Start With the Clutter

After the holiday and winter months, we often accumulate more items, and the leftover mess from family gatherings may still linger. Clutter will become a hindrance to your cleaning and your daily activities. Clean out any clutter, organize and purge as you clean, and begin to see a difference in your space. The decrease in clutter will make it easy to move items around your home.

Don’t Lift Heavy Objects

A good spring cleaning tip for seniors is to avoid lifting heavy objects, as this can risk an injury. As a senior, your muscles and joints aren’t as sturdy as they used to be, so heavy items may pose a challenge that the body cannot handle. Instead, have someone else lift it, and while they are there, they could help around with the rest of the cleaning; having company will make cleaning a fun activity in the spring.

Take Plenty of Breaks

Every laborious task should involve a break or multiple breaks. A well-timed break will help you stay active longer and clean more of the house. It is okay to take a prolonged break that even extends into tomorrow; the rest will help you feel better and give you the energy you need to get the job done.

Use Long Cleaning Tools

At points, you will need to clean areas in a high place. A helpful spring cleaning tip for seniors is using cleaning tools with long handles that allow you to reach these areas. Whether it is dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming, or mopping, an item with a long reach is very effective when cleaning your home.

Cleaning takes time and effort—especially for seniors. But by using these tips to make your cleaning easier, seniors won’t need to stress over getting their house clean.

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