4 of The Best Crafting Hobbies for Young Adults

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Summer is truly the best season of all. The sun is shining, kids get a break from school, and people can spend more time outside. This summer will be the most unique in history because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, teens and young adults can still have fun if they’re creative. Here are four of the best crafting hobbies for young adults to try in the summertime.


It’s never too early to prepare for winter. Although people rarely use blankets in the summer, now is the perfect opportunity to learn how to knit. That way, people can have a plush quilt for their bedroom once chillier weather rolls around. Consider watching some YouTube videos with tips on how to get started. Experts in the field can show folks essential tricks of the trade. After some practice, individuals can spend the summer knitting winter wardrobe essentials so that they’re ready for the first snowfall.


Who doesn’t want to make something old look new again? Young adults can reupholster furniture this summer to bring some spice back into their home décor. Vinyl is the perfect summer upholstery fabric because it’s incredibly durable and available in a variety of colors. Adolescents should consider giving their patio furniture a facelift. Not only is this a fun crafting activity, but people can save tons of cash by not having to buy new things.


Young people love to take pictures. Granted, they typically post them on social media; however, scrapbooking is an excellent way to share beloved memories! Youths should think about driving over to a local crafting store to pick up some supplies. Once they have everything they need, people should flip through their camera roll and print out the best pictures. Friends and family will love looking through the book once it’s complete.

Letter Writing

Letter writing is such a valuable skill. In fact, people can make some serious dough by further developing their letter writing skills. For example, engaged couples hire experts to write their invitations all the time. Individuals can also use this talent to open their own Etsy shop. Think about taking up letter writing this summer. It can be a great side hustle for those who need a little extra cash. These four activities are the best crafting hobbies for young adults to try this summer. Sadly, concerts and other events are canceled because of the pandemic. Still, people can still enjoy the season by learning something new. There’s no reason the summer should only consist of Netflix and junk food.

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