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District’s ACT scores highest in state


The Germantown Municipal School District recently recorded the highest district average for ACT scores in the history of the state.
On Monday, the district announced that the average composite score for students was 26.3.
A score of 21 or above indicates “college and career readiness” on the nationally normed test and is one qualification for the HOPE scholarship in Tennessee.
In 2015, 74.4 percent of students scored in this range. In 2019, 86.2 percent of students are deemed prepared for future paths.
Superintendent Jason Manuel noted that the ACT average composite score has grown.
“The increase in the composite for our ACT scores from a 25.9 to a 26.3 is an accolade for our district as well as continued validation of the efforts of our GMSD staff,” he noted.
This is the fifth year that GMSD has outperformed other districts in the State. To view a comparison, read the TDOE’s report here:
“The ACT is a great measure for our district because instruction for a student to perform well really begins in the lower grades. Success on the ACT is dependent upon the entirety of a student’s academic career from elementary through high school. It could not make me more proud of our staff and of our students for continuing to grow each year,” said Manuel.

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