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City continues to seek help for flood damage

City continues to seek  help for flood damage

Germantown continues to exhaust all efforts to request county, state and federal assistance following the June 7 flood.
Last Tuesday, city staff met with representatives from Shelby County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency.
During the meeting, representatives shared information on the steps required to access assistance.
On Wednesday, the Shelby County Commission voted to approve a resolution to amend the 2019 budget for the fiscal year in the amount of $100,000 for a grant to the city.
Drainage inspections continue this week, as City Engineer Tim Gwaltney continues to visit with homeowners who have requested visits following the flood.
Public Works crews are still working to clear ditches and assess damage to infrastructure.
The department is working with the City’s procurement department to expedite the selection of contractors to replace damaged chain-link fencing and replace the large displaced concrete slabs along drainage ditches.
The Germantown Fire Department still continues to visit homes damaged by the flood waters to perform damage assessments.
If you are aware of a home that has not been assessed, please contact GFD as soon as possible at 901.757.7268.
On Friday afternoon, city staff met with homeowners from several of the areas affected by the June 7 flooding. During the meeting, the storm event, flooding causes and the city’s storm water master plan were discussed.
The city plans to host a follow up meeting with neighbors and give a modeling of the storm water conveyance system. A date for the meeting has not yet been determined.
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