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10 reasons to attend the Germantown Charity Horse Show

10 reasons to attend the Germantown Charity Horse Show

You don’t have to be an equestrian to enjoy the atmosphere at the Germantown Christy Horse Show, from June 4-8.
Many in the crowd have never sat on a horse, but they come every year to enjoy the show and all it has to offer. We asked them what they like most about coming to the GCHS, and here’s what they said.

  1. The Crowd — kids, dogs, horses, moms, dads, young and old, neighbors, celebrities — all gathered to socialize in the country fair atmosphere. GCHS creates a casual atmosphere for picnics, lawn chairs, and big straw hats. It’s just a fun way to start off the summer.
  2. Food — In a town known for barbecue, Germantown Commissary is one of the best and they are right there on the grounds serving up sandwiches, rib plates, salads and their famous barbecue nachos.
  3. More food — Remember that country fair atmosphere. Well, there’s fair food available, too. Cotton candy, funnel cakes, frozen custard, kettle corn, smoothies, ices, and specialty coffees.
  4. Shopping — Let’s don’t leave out the wonderful array of vendors at the show. Everyone needs an equestrian touch to your wardrobe. Shop for silver custom jewelry, beaded necklaces, scarves, hats, as well as t-shirts and ball caps.
  5. Special Box Seats — If you want your special place waiting for you and your guests every night, then you can purchase box seats (eight chairs) for $260 for the show. Decorate your box, bring a picnic, wine or beer.
  6. Friday is Big Hat Contest night. — Just pretend you are at the Germantown derby and wear your most beautiful and outlandish hat.
  7. Pony rides, pony petting, and pony pictures — This year, DSD Stables from Millington will bring their ponies for the kids to ride. They will open at 5 p.m. and close at 9 p.m. and are located just inside the ticket entrance to the arena.
  8. Close up and personal — Walk through the barns and get to know the horses and people who ride and take care of them. Exhibitors are proud to talk about their horses and allow you to pet or give a treat, but always ask because horses have diets too.
  9. Exciting Saturday Night — We all love to see big horses jump effortlessly over big jumps and Saturday night is the night for the $25,000 Grand Prix. Melanie Smith Taylor, our hometown Olympic winner, will be doing the commentary on the jumping competition. We have Conway Services to thank for sponsoring our $25,000 Grand Prix.
  10. Cost — The entry fee is $5. Children under seven get in free. There is also free parking at the Germantown Charity Show Grounds, 7745 Old Poplar Pike.
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