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PetSuites to open in Germantown

PetSuites to open in Germantown

Pet owners and their furry family members have a new reason to rejoice – PetSuites of America is coming to Germantown.

PetSuites has recently begun construction on a 14,000-square-foot pet care facility, which features pools, kitty play areas, big dog and little dog play yards, overnight boarding, grooming and more at 4520 S Forest Hill-Irene Road.

“We chose to open in Memphis because it is a city that loves their pups, just like us,” said Anne Stanchfield, president and GM of Pet Resorts Operations. “If you love dogs like we do, you’ll paws-itively adore our huge play areas and doggie pool parties.”

Upon opening, PetSuites will be hiring 10 full-time and 14 part-time Memphis pet lovers. The building will also feature an adjacent 7,000 feet of additional outdoor yard space, including two pools for use in every dog’s favorite activity, daily play time.

At PetSuites, we know that dogs need as much exercise as kids, if not more. Active pups home alone can get themselves into trouble. PetSuites believes every pet should be happy, healthy and safe.

So, PetSuites has consistently put a strong focus on socialization and play for all their furry best friends. We offer group play for our pups who like to play with others and individual play time for the pups who need special attention. We customize each plan for each family and each pup.

Unlike other pet resorts, we love cats as much as dogs. We have special kitty areas including cat play areas, cat loving staff and kitty cuddle time. Our kitties love the special attention and for the kitties that do not love the dog world, our kitty world is separated from our pup area.

As the “Leader of the Pack” in the pet boarding industry, PetSuites has not only been providing a convenient one-stop location for daycare, exercising, boarding, bathing and grooming services to its clients for over 15 years; but, by employing extraordinary dog lovers and cat cuddlers, customers can have peace of mind knowing that PetSuites’ top priority is caring for their pet’s needs and working to keep them happy, healthy, and safe.

“We are looking forward to the opportunity to make new furry friends at the opening of our new resort in Memphis,” said Ronny Rowell, VP of Operations.

PetSuites currently operates 22 locations in 10 states.

“Whether you are dropping off furry family members for daycare festivities, pet spa pampering or a vacation stay, there is peace of mind knowing that PetSuites is caring for your pet’s needs with genuine love and exceptional care,” Rowell said.

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