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GPD officer given first Legacy Award

GPD officer given first Legacy Award

Germantown’s city staff continue to mourn the loss of former Neighborhood Coordinator Sherrye Harris Clark since she passed away last winter after being diagnosed with cancer.

A member of the Economic and Community Development Department, she worked as a liaison between Germantown’s neighborhood associations and city government, promoting neighborhoods, keeping residents aware of city functions and making connections. Clark had strong interpersonal skills, a vast network of acquaintances within the community and an overall sunny disposition.

In her honor, the Sherrye Harris Clark Legacy Award was recently created. It is given once a year to a city employee who exhibits an “unbridled commitment by offering a warm smile, anticipating the needs of coworkers and residents and consistently going above and beyond to serve the needs of the community.”

The first recipient of the award is Jason True of the Germantown Police Department.

True serves as a school resource officer at Germantown High School.

He has an impeccable reputation with all who know him. Former students speak highly of him and he has helped to positively mold the lives of the youth in our community.

True has an uncanny ability to re-mediate any problem; however, this skill is second to his desire to provide excellent service to all those he encounters. He treats all individuals, both youth and adult, with a professional demeanor and an enormous amount of empathy.

True cares deeply about his students and he always seeks ways to interact with them in a positive environment. He makes himself very approachable and regularly walks the halls at Germantown High School greeting students, teachers and administrators. By making himself so approachable, he lets students know that they can count on him in any situation.

True always thinks outside of the box and comes up with new ways to inspire his students as a coach, mentor and friend. He has the ability to relate with students in a way that is on their level, but yet forward thinking and innovative. His energy, demeanor and personality help put students at ease.

True has an incomparable level of dedication to his job and he takes the responsibilities put upon him very seriously.

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