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Sunday night house fire claims four lives

Sunday night house fire claims four lives

Posted on December 24, 2018.


One woman and three teenagers were killed in a house fire Sunday night on Autumn Winds Drive in Collierville.
The Collierville Fire Department responded to a house fire on the 600 block of Autumn Winds at around 11 p.m. on Dec. 23.
The victims were a 46-year-old woman, two teenage boys and one teenage girl.
The woman’s husband and the couple’s teenage son both survived the fire by leaping out of windows on the second story.
Investigators from the State Fire Marshal’s Office are assisting the town’s fire department with the investigation.
The three teens were staying with the family while their parents were on an overseas missionary trip. They are members of Collierville Bible Church.

The following post was made on the church’s website on Monday.

• A fire started around 11 p.m. at the Coudriet home. The Coudriet family was hosting, housing, and celebrating Christmas with three teenagers attending an Academy here in the states. The Naik family are Missionaries in India that our church supports.

Danny, Kari, and their son Cole in the Coudriet family, and with Sharron, Joy and Aaron of the Missionary family were all in the home. Danny and Cole were able to make it out of the home. Kari was unable to make it out of the home and is now with our Heavenly Father.

Danny was taken to the ER for minor burn treatment, but is expected to make a full recovery. Cole was taken to the ER for treatment and did not sustain any burns, and is expected to make a full recovery.

At this time, we are asking for privacy and discretion regarding the Missionary children. The family is in route from India and many of the details of the events are still being communicated to the family. Please respect this family and give them the time and ability to process information before posting any details on all media and social media outlets.

Church family, please remove public postings of the tragic event on social media to protect our Missionaries, until further notice.

Financial donations for the Coudriet family can be made through the Collierville Bible Church website at:…&

In the comments section write “Coudriet Family”.

To make contributions to the Naik Missionary family to help cover emergency flight expenses and the many other expenses to come please go to the missionaries webpage to donate follow the following instructions.

(in the orange ribbon below the blue banner)

2. Click: Make A Donation

3.(at the bottom of the page)
Press: One-Time Donation

4. Select: General Fund

5. Press: Donate orange button

6. Enter the monetary amount

7. Click:
Write a Note (Optional)

8. Fill out the credit card info

9. Press: Donate Now
( blue button)

Another post was made on Christmas:

• Danny and Cole were released today from the hospital and along with Zack will be staying with family. The Coudriet family is well loved in our church, community and soccer community and there has been a lot of support for them. God’s grace through his people is evident.

Several have asked about bringing meals. Kathy king is coordinating this effort and will be releasing a meal train link soon. Currently she has the first week already signed up for.

You can also send any donations to the Coudriet family through the church website.

Collierville Bible Church released the following statement on Monday morning: 
We have been receiving several calls from so many caring people in the community and news organizations about what they can do regarding donations for the Coudriet Family and the Missionary Family effected by this tragic event. In the next 2 hours we will be releasing an official statement from the family about the details they wish to share and with directions on how donations can be received. Please check back to this Facebook page in a couple hours.
In His Grip,
Nick Brown
Lead Pastor

The Walgreens at Poplar Ave. and Byhalia is accepting donations for the families. Participants should ask for Hayley Stevens before 5 p.m. and Marico or Isaac after 5 p.m. The store is open 24 hours. On Christmas day, ask for Harris. These managers will accept cash or gift card donations. There is also a box for donated items.

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