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Germantown firefighters respond to Hunter Horn


The Germantown Fire Department had quite a busy morning on Thursday.

At approximately 10:30 a.m., GFD responded to a house fire at 8421 Hunters Horn.

The homeowners and neighbors reported hearing a small explosion. After the explosion, homeowners then discovered the fire coming from the garage side of the home.

Upon arriving at the scene, fire crews found heavy fire on the left side of the home.

Crews determined the fire was coming from the garage and a bonus room above the garage. The fire stemming from the garage was being fed by the fuel from the vehicles parked inside the garage. Luckily, the occupants were already out of the house, having been assisted by a neighbor and a postal worker passing by.

Firefighters began a quick attack using a large flow nozzle mounted on the top of the fire engine.

Crews then began attacking the fire with fire hose streams using the compressed air foam, which allows a quicker knockdown and prevents re-ignition.

Crews were also able to get inside the main part of the house and extinguish the fire as it was beginning to break into the attic and upstairs bedrooms. The house suffered heavy fire damage in the garage and bonus room over the garage, in addition to smoke damage throughout the rest of the house.

The Collierville and Bartlett Fire Departments were able to provide addition fire engines to assist GFD in their efforts during the fire and with salvage operations afterwards.

The fire is currently under investigation. The preliminary loss estimate is approximately $250,000.

No injuries were reported.

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