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Region 8 6A All-Region winners announced

Red Devil QB Ethan Payne runs over Arlington DB Jorge Avalos going into the endzone

Several local players are among those selected to the Region 8 6A All-Region team by area coaches.



1. Ethan Payne (Germantown)

2. Vincent Guy (Whitehaven)/Drew Lyons (White Station)

Running Backs

1. Dylan Ingram (Central)/Cameron Sneed (Whitehaven)

2. BJ Gardner (Germantown) / Eli Neal (White Station)

HM: Jaylen Caver (White Station) / Alan Thornton (Central)

Wide Receivers

1. Cameron Baker (G) / Keveon Mullins (WH) / Devin Boddie (WH)

2. Darin Turner (C) / Rod Farmer (WS)

HM: Roshan Williams (WS) / Orlando Hairston (G)

Offensive Linemen

1. Isaac Green (C) / Henry Castillo (G) / Nick Ferri (G) / Melvin McBride (WH)/ Courtney Sharp (WH) / Jaylin Rainey (W.S.)

2. Ray Curry (W.S) / Cole Cocroft (G)/ Reggie Matthews (W.S) / Jamal Graham (WH)/ Lenon James (C) / Kobe Perkins (C)

Honorable Mention: Charles Tony-Egbuniwe (G) / Trentin Hopper (C) / Jeremiah James (WH) / Kenya Taylor(W.S.)

Full Backs

1. Conner Richardson (Germantown)

2. Travis Lewis (White Station)

Tight Ends

1. Cormontae Hamilton (Whitehaven)

2. Tyler Miller (Germantown)

Honorable Mention: Paul Adams (Central) / Jalen Shead (White Station)


Defensive Lineman

1. Trey Boyd (G) / Duke Hill (G) / Trevis Hopper (C) / Zyon Walker (WH)

2. Khari Smith (C) / Jaylin Rainey (W.S) / Jacobi Rice (WH) / Josh Davis (C)

HM: Darian Sanchez (W.S.) / Jordan Kirby (G) / Richard Ellis (WH) / Jalil Malone (WH)


1. Eli Neal (W.S.) / Micah Boyland (C) / Martavius French (WH) / Tyler Hunter (WH)/ Tyrec Collins (G)

2. Travis Lewis (WS) / Torian Perkins (C) / Tamarion McDonald (WH) / Bryson Eason (WH) / Shomar Michael (G) / KJ Hatch (G)


1. Jalon Greer (G) / Darin Turner (C) / Robert Artis (WS) / Antonio Hall (WH)

2. Marcus Askew (G) / Kevin Shaw (C) / Rod Farmer (WS) /Sean Wilder (WH)

Honorable Mention: Keveon Ware (G) / Rasul Muhammad (C) / Greg Rubin (WS) / Andre Gooden / Paul Turner (WH) (WH)


1. Marshall Ware (G)

2. Mamadou Anne (WH)


1. Keveon Mullins (WH)

2. Titus Goldson (WS)

Overall Awards:

Coach of the Year: Chris Smith (G)

Offensive Player of the Year: Cameron Baker (G)

Defensive Player of the Year: Martavius French (WH)

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