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City invests in school security


The Germantown Municipal School District is spending the money on more than 200 security cameras and 13 additional cell phone boosters that will “improve communications in the event of an emergency.”

The city’s budget for the 2019 fiscal year includes a half million dollars designated for school security improvements.

“The installation of additional security cameras at each of the five school locations, cell phone boosters and securing the campus at Houston High School were projects of immediate concern to the district,” said City Administrator Patrick Lawton.

Architectural plans for security enhancements at Houston High have been completed for the main entrance and courtyard areas to restrict public access points to school facilities.

The Board’s vote was for the initial reimbursement, which included the installation of security cameras. Invoices are still being submitted for the cell phone booster installations and other security enhancements. The total cost is estimated at $336,334.

Camera installation costs at Houston High were $93,000.

The district has also committed $865,386 to the high school for other improvements, including; painting ($706,000), outfield centerfield wall ($125,000), carpeting and tiling ($32,186) and water bottle filling stations ($2,200).

Of the 202 cameras installed this summer, 74 are at the high school.

Audible door prop alarms have also been installed at every Germantown school.

These immediately notify administrators if anyone has propped any exterior door for more than 30 seconds.

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