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Germantown restaurants fined for selling beer to minors


A trio of well-known local restaurants was fined a combined $1,500 in civil penalty fees by the city’s Beer Board on Monday night.

Owners and operators of Mellow Mushroom, Exlines’ Best Pizza In Town and Royal Panda each confessed that a member of their staff recently sold beer to customers under the age of 21.

The restaurants were each fined $500 in civil fees “in lieu” of the revocation or suspension of alcohol licenses.

Noting that the server who was found guilty of selling beer to a minor has already been terminated, Germantown Mellow Mushroom owner Steve Meek said the pizzeria has a “zero tolerance policy.”

He added that the staff has also undergone “rigorous training” with regards to the sale of alcohol.

Matt Price, an attorney with the city, called the violation at Exlines’ an “isolated incident.”

Royal Panda was cited for a similar violation in August 2014.

Owner San Wu called the recent violation, which occurred in May, a “math error” and said a member of his staff “miscalculated” the age of a customer.

“Liquor sales are not a real essential piece to Royal Panda’s business,” said Price. “This was an infraction done without intent.”

Wu said his staff has gone through training to avoid a third incident.

“Your establishment is so well known and we appreciate all that you do in our community,” said Vice Mayor Mary Anne Gibson.

Alderman Forrest Owens expressed the gravity of the violation.

“I remember when you were here previously and I felt that you regretted this,” he said. “I don’t want to bring you back up here again. There is no way that we will be able to be as lenient the next time you come before us, which you won’t I feel certain.”

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