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Palazzolo launches campaign for re-election


Mayor Mike Palazzolo released a statement on Tuesday announcing that he will formally launch his campaign to seek re-election for Germantown’s top office.

Palazzolo revealed that there will be a “kick-off reception” on Saturday at the Germantown Charity Horse Show Grounds to initiate his campaign for a second term as mayor.

“With a second term of office,” he announced, “I plan to continue my administration’s primary priorities of public safety, public education, strong fiscal policies, a renewed focus on our parks system and premier quality of life.

“The Germantown we have built over a generation of leadership has centered on creating a small-town feel with big-town amenities,” he added. “Over the next four years, I plan on continuing this direction and adding to prosperity in our community.”

Before becoming mayor, Palazzolo was elected as an alderman for the city in 2004, 2008 and 2012.

Four years ago, Palazzolo beat out retired Germantown director of community services George Brogdon with 54.3 percent of the vote to succeed longtime mayor Sharon Goldsworthy.

“I am especially proud of public safety in Germantown,” Palazzolo concluded. “During my 14 years of elected leadership, the city has added two additional policing districts, seen our fire department achieve a Level One ISO national rating and the creation of a full-service and independent ambulance service for our residents.”

On March 5, John Barzizza, who is serving his first four-year term as Pos. 1 Alderman, announced that he will be a candidate for mayor in the municipal election this fall.

Barzizza, who retired in 2012 after 43 years in the beverage industry, unseated incumbent Greg Marcom four years ago.

“Our city stands at a crossroads,” Barzizza announced last month. “The commercial growth of the city has been incredibly rapid and is incredibly alarming to many citizens. It has changed the nature and the picture of our bedroom community.”

The first day to pick up petitions for the municipal election is May 18. The qualifying deadline is Aug. 16. Early voting for the municipal election begins on Oct. 17.

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