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Alderman John Barzizza announces candidacy for Germantown mayor


Current Germantown Alderman John Barzizza announced Monday that he will be a candidate for Germantown Mayor in the Nov. 6 municipal election.
“Having been contacted by many citizens of the community young and not so young alike, about serving, I have decided to run for the position of Germantown Mayor for the people of this city,” said Barzizza.
“Our City stands at a crossroads,” he continued. “The commercial growth of the city has been incredibly rapid and is incredibly alarming to many citizens. It has changed the nature and the picture of our bedroom community. I have always answered the call for service to our community. Our campaign will be about a true representation of the people. For far too long the voices of the people of Germantown have not been heard on issues of importance to them.”
“I have always believed that Germantown is a special place and that there is nothing wrong with Germantown that what is right about Germantown can’t solve. I look forward to the future of Germantown,” said Barzizza.
The campaign has tapped former Director of Wonders series and Germantown resident Jon Thompson as the treasurer.
“Jon brings a wealth of Community Service and leadership and I’m honored to have his service,” said Barzizza.

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