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Students to get entire week off during Thanksgiving holiday


Students attending schools within the Germantown Municipal School District will be off for a full week of classes during Thanksgiving break next year.

The Germantown Board of Education has unanimously approved modifications to the 2018-19 instructional calendar, including a reduction in instructional days from 180 to 177.

Students will not be attending classes on Nov. 19, Nov. 20 of 2018 and Feb. 8 of 2019. These days will be used as professional development days for teachers and staff.

“I believe that we should be doing what is best for our teachers and students,” Linda Fisher, board vice chairman. “The teachers in our district have requested that we look at providing additional development days.”

The Monday and Tuesday before the Thanksgiving holiday on Nov. 22 will be professional development days for district teachers. Students will not have classes on these days.

“Historically,” Fisher added, “these are low attendance days anyway in our schools. So, they will be turned into professional development days for our teachers.”

Teachers will also pick up another day for development the Friday after parent conferences, something the school district stopped doing last year.

“They’ve requested that we implement that again,” Fisher said. “I believe the changes to the calendar will help us improve as a district.”

Board member Amy Eoff said she received concerned calls, texts and emails from parents regarding the modified calendar.

“I had similar concerns coming into the work session (held before the meeting),” she noted. “I have great faith that (Dr. Meredith Park, director of Academic Advancement) has done her research and that our children will not feel the impact of the loss of the three instructional days. This should provide an opportunity for teachers to have some flexibility.”

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