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Ditch improvements will eliminate erosion and save Germantown residences


Recent improvements to a large drainage ditch near the Wolf River are expected to help alleviate erosion that has threatened several residences in northeast Germantown.

The city split costs with the Corps of Engineers to upgrade Germantown’s Lateral D ditch, which is a tributary of the Wolf River.

In recent years, the Wolf River has experienced an enormous amount of channel bottom lowering, which over time has caused the laterals to deepen, leading to erosion along adjacent tributaries.

The project was completed in cooperation with the Memphis District Corps of Engineers. Using grade-control structures and energy dissipaters, engineers were able to design improvements that help reduce the velocity of the water traveling along the stream. Along with bank improvements and stabilization efforts, the design will alleviate erosion posing a threat to Germantown homes and infrastructure.

The project was also completed under budget at a total cost of $1.8 million. Germantown’s contribution totaled $632,850, with the rest funded by the Corps of Engineers.

More city news:

Germantown heavy equipment operator Anthony German recently placed third in the American Public Works Association’s National Equipment Rodeo competition in Orlando.

The competition featured two backhoe operation events, including a tennis ball challenge and a pipe lift pin challenge.

In the tennis ball challenge, participants had to remove tennis balls from the top of five safety cones into the backhoe swing area in two minutes. The pipe lift pin challenge involved placing a pipe lift pin into and out of the hole of three safety cones placed in a semi-circle with a time limit of two minutes.

Before going to nationals, German placed first in the state and he is heading back for another state competition in November.