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Houston alum debuts in major motion picture


Nathan Davis Jr., who graduated Houston High in 2012, is starring in the new major motion picture Detroit.

While attending Houston, Davis was heavily involved in Houston’s choir program and developed a close bond with Choir Director Dr. William Rayburn. Rayburn drove Davis to school almost every day throughout his time at Houston and attended the film’s World Premiere with him in Detroit.

Rayburn said proudly of his former student, “It was amazing to see Nathan’s name on the big screen live up with all of those big celebrities.”

In Detroit, Davis acts alongside Hollywood stars, John Byega, John Krasinski, Anthony Mackie, Algee Smith, Jacob Latimore, Jason Mitchell and more.

The film centers on the murder of three innocent African American men at the Algiers Motel amidst the chaos of Detroit’s 12th Street Riot in 1967, and Davis plays Aubrey, a witness to the crimes.

The story follows the aftermath of the tragedy and works to beg the poignant question: how have things changed since?

“I just hope the film starts a conversation and helps people speak up and be aware of what’s happening in America today,” said Davis when asked about the film’s heavy subject matter in an exclusive phone interview with Houston student reporter Abi Crigler.

Detroit came out in August Davis invited his favorite teacher to all of the red carpet events leading up to the premiere. It just goes to show that teachers have a true impact on their students.

Rayburn described the impact of the invitation in an impassioned Facebook Post:

“I want to thank Nathan and Sofea for the experience. I am truly happy for Nathan and his success. He has more projects coming forward. You can follow his career on IMBD. Sofea is a great support for Nathan. I am just so thankful that Nathan and my paths crossed nearly ten years ago. He has a beautiful smile. He has supporters like Kathryn Bigelow. He now has friends like John Boyega.”

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