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On-premise beer consumption approved for Whole Foods


The city’s Beer Board has approved an on-premise beer application for Whole Foods Market.

The upscale grocery store plans to create a second-story loft area and outside patio to allow patrons to eat and drink.

The motion passed with a 3-2 vote, with Aldermen John Barzizza and Dean Massey dissenting.

A mobile kitchen will be created to serve patrons. In addition, shoppers can purchase food from the various restaurant concepts located inside of Whole Foods.

Beer will not be permitted for consumption outside of these designated areas.

Barzziza expressed concerns that patrons would attempt to drink wine in the areas allotted for on-site consumption since it is available to purchase in the store.

Massey asked City Attorney David Harris when the city passed the law to allow a business to offer on and off-premise consumption.

Harris responded that the law was passed last fall.

Massey said he though the intent of the law was to allow beer growler stations for sampling at grocery stores.

“I’m concerned that we are opening the law up to a much larger service,” he noted. “I don’t know if the law would have been passed had our citizens known that the intent was to have restaurants (inside of grocery stores) selling beer.”

In related news:

• The Board of Mayor and Aldermen passed the city’s annual road paving contract. This year’s contract is for $1.4 million and includes the milling and paving of seven miles of roadway.
Some of the major streets being repaired this year include: Great Oaks from Tamarack to Riverdale; Dogwood Road from Johnson to Forest Hill; Brierbrook Road from Farmington to Farmingdale; and a portion of Dogwood Creek Drive.
Standard Construction Company of Cordova offered the lowest bid for the services.

• The Germantown Education Commission named Jennifer Mock the March 2017 Teacher of the Month.
Mock is a librarian at Farmington Elementary School, which has won the local Battle of the Books competition for the last three years.
She recently coordinated the donation of 5,800 books to the Friends of the Germantown Library book sale and founded the Adopt a Bag for Germantown Police Officers, resulting in the delivery of a gift bag to every officer in the city. Each bag included a note from a Germantown student thanking the officer for keeping the city safe.

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