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Community Theatre named Non-Profit of Year

The Germantown Community Theatre has been named the Non-Profit of the Year. Their mission is to “entertain, educate, engage and enrich the community through theatrical programming. The GCT engages adult and child audiences as well as a robust education program component. For more information on Germantown’s “hidden gem”, visit or call (901) 453-7447.

The Germantown Chamber of Commerce has selected Germantown Community Theatre as the city’s Non-Profit of the Year.
The award will be presented at the Chamber’s “Celebration of Excellence” event on Feb. 2 at the Great Hall and Conference Center.
The Shelby Sun Times recently caught up with Dr. Michael Miles, executive director of GCT, to discuss the award.

What makes GCT a top-notch theatre?
GCT is a small non-profit theatre that functions on approximately $365,000 annually. We do so much with so little. GCT hosts nine main stage productions per year with two of these by and for children.
GCT also has an incredibly robust education department that offers classes for home school students, after school students, and workshops on the weekends. The education department also has sold-out summer camps each year.
These things rolled together into one organization make GCT top-notch, and that is before we even say a word about the volunteers, board members, and staff who are the life blood of GCT.

What are some things GCT offers that the community might be unaware of?
GCT offers so many outreach opportunities to the community. From our spring touring production to our Saturday workshops to our community service programs on Saturday, GCT has so many ways for individuals to get involved with us (both as donors and as volunteers). All of our information can be found on our web site at

How long has GCT been operating in Germantown?
I came to GCT in April of 2014.

What size staff do you all have? Are they all volunteers?
We have six full-time staff and one part-time staff. We have numerous volunteers that are too many to count. Isn’t that a wonderful problem to have?

Can you speak to the quality of your staff members?
Our staff is what makes this place work and what makes this place wonderful. These are the most qualified and dedicated individuals who want everything we do at GCT to be top-notch.

What makes Germantown a good location for GCT?
GCT is so honored to be housed in Germantown thanks to our relationship with the City of Germantown and the community at large.

For more information, call (901) 453-7445.

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