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Bikes Plus named Small Business of Year

The Germantown Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year award has been given to Bikes Plus, Inc. For more than 28 years, Bikes Plus has been a premier full service bicycle shop. The Small Business of the Year award is sponsored by First Tennessee.

The Germantown Chamber of Commerce has selected Bikes Plus as the city’s Small Business of the Year.
The award will be presented at the Chamber’s “Celebration of Excellence” event on Feb. 2 at the Great Hall and Conference Center.
The Shelby Sun Times recently caught up with Karen Malogorski, Bikes Plus CEO and co-owner, to discuss the distinguished award.
“We want to thank the Germantown Chamber the opportunity to compete for this award,” she said. “We set very high standards for our business and being a female-owned business raises the performance bar for us. These exercises allow us to truly step away from our business and focus on continued improvement.”

What makes Germantown a good location for Bikes Plus?
It is encouraging that the Mid South is placing more emphasis on the health and fitness of its residents. No area in East Memphis is doing more than Germantown.
With many paved, well lit, and safe trails/streets around the area, cyclists, walkers and runners help create demand for our products and services. In addition, it is clear to us that Germantown supports the small retailer.
Most of us are struggling with competing with the “big box” retailers and online sales. Germantown codes and regulations help keep the market appearance clean and respectable.

• What makes Bikes Plus a top-notch business?
I strongly believe that we have established a retail bicycle business that focuses on quality products, quality service, quality staff, and business practices that provide a consistent and exceptional customer experience. In addition, stringent financial management controls insure business integrity, soundness and continuity.

• What are some things Bikes Plus offers that put it above other competitors?

Unlike many of our competitors, we provide a full product selection and service for the family that wants to cycle, up to and including the professional level cyclist and racer. With the largest in stock selection of youth bikes, we truly include the entire family to have fun on bikes. In addition, with our female ownership, we specifically market and support the female rider.
Our reach extends beyond retail sales out to the community. Event organizing and event support, even beyond cycling (running events) is important to us as we advocate a healthier life style. And, we stock and support product lines that can provide products for the Greenline cyclist to the competitive rider and triathlete.

• How long has Bikes Plus been operating in Germantown?
Bikes Plus was first opened as a small retail bike shop in Millington in 1988 by Steve Malogorski, my father. We remained in Millington until 1999 and opened a location in the Wolfchase area in 1997. Then, 12 years ago we expanded to a location in Germantown

• What size staff do you all have?
We currently have three full-time employees, including myself. In addition, we keep four part-time employees on staff. The part time range from millennials to retired executives. In additional, seasonal part time help is used for holidays and the summer months.

• Can you speak to the quality of your staff members?
Our staff, regardless of full or part time, is built with men and women that first of all, are passionate about cycling.
In addition, certified technical skills are in place where required (bike service and maintenance), above and beyond customer service skills to insure the ultimate customer experience for our clients, and product expertise (clinics, online skills training courses, etc.). Engagement in the cycling community is highly encouraged and supported. Annually, we use a secret shopper to test our training and processes.

Bikes Plus is located at 9445 Poplar Ave. For more information, call (901) 755-7233.

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