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Germantown receives two substantial grants from TDOT


The City of Germantown has been awarded two significant grants from the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).

The first, TDOT Transportation Alternatives grant in the amount of $588,501, will close a significant gap in the Germantown Greenway trail system and provide users a seamless route westward and eastward.

Once complete, the Germantown Greenway Neshoba Trail Connector will provide a 10-feet wide asphalt trail beginning at Neshoba Park and extending east to connect to the newest section of Greenway which parallels the Wolf River Blvd. Connector.

The city will receive a second TDOT Safe Routes to School grant for Riverdale School. The grant totals $215,795 of which $190,811 is for the addition of new sidewalks in neighborhoods within one mile of Riverdale School and $24,984 is for supporting educational activities for all K-8 Riverdale students.

The overall goal of the program is to provide safe passage for students walking or biking to and from school. This award compliments the TDOT Safe Routes grant received in 2015 and will provide additional funds to complete sidewalk improvements for the Riverdale School neighborhood.

The overall goal of the program is to provide safe passage for students walking and/or biking to and from school.

The TDOT grants are the latest awards resulting from the City’s aggressive grant-seeking initiative led by Grants Manager Alexa Robinson.
Since July 2013, the city has secured more than 25 grants, adding just under $2 million to the City’s revenue stream.

These funds have been used to build greenway trail connectors, improve safety for children walking and biking to school, encourage families to read together, promote wellness among

The city’s firefighters, educate entrepreneurs, support economic development activities, create historical archives at the Germantown Community Library and more.

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