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Local mosquito control administered by Shelby Health Dept.

An Aedes canadensis mosquito isolated on white background.  Aedes canadensis are a common pest mosquito and may be possible West Nile Vectors.

Residents of Collierville and Germantown pay a fee of 75 cents on their MLGW bills so the Memphis and Shelby County Health Department’s Mosquito Control Program can take measures to reduce the mosquito population and the possibility of an outbreak of the diseases they may carry.

The Mosquito Control Program uses several methods and they have recommendations for you to use at home as well.

Prevention is the first step, and the Mosquito Control Program does this by making modifications in areas where mosquitoes breed.

They remove debris that prevents water from moving because stagnant water is an ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes. Applying larvicides to those potential breeding areas is the next step in prevention.

When breeding has already occurred and mosquitoes are active, applying adulticides becomes necessary.

The Mosquito Control Program uses only EPA-approved chemicals in ultra low-volume amounts with truck mounted equipment. They spray at dawn and dusk, when mosquitoes are most active. Keeping mosquito-eating fish is another preventative measure the program uses and makes available to the public.

Residents can do the following to help control the mosquitos in their immediate area: eliminate stagnant water(pools, birdbaths, etc.); use citronella candles, torches or the citrosia plant; clean rain gutters and down spouts; repair leaky outside faucets and torn window or door screens, and store wheelbarrows, canoes and boats upside down.

Do use a spray repellent containing DEET, but use sprays with only 35 percent DEET on children. Loose fitting clothing keeps the pests from biting through the material, and light-colored clothing is less attractive to them.

The Mosquito Control Program’s spray schedule is posted by zip code on the Shelby County Government website,