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Sheriff’s deputy jailed for charges related to domestic violence

Ralph-Dobbins (2)

Ralph-Dobbins (2)
A Shelby County Sheriff’s Office deputy is being held in jail without bond, suspended without pay and facing multiple charges related to a domestic violence case.

Tuesday morning, news stories broke that Ralph Dobbins, 43, was charged with violating a protection order and bail conditions for domestic violence, as well as coercion of a witness.

Back on April 18, he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault against his girlfriend and her 13-year-old daughter. He reportedly grabbed the girl by her hair, choked her and punched her in the arm. Then when the mother tried to stop him he allegedly grabbed her neck and threw her to the ground and choked her.

Around May 21, the now-ex-girlfriend swore out an affadavit on Dobbins, saying he had texted, trying to bribe her not to prosecute him on two aggravated assault charges from the April incident.

The contact was a violation of an order of protection she filed against him April 19 as well as a violation of his bond conditions. Dobbins was served the order on May 4 with a court date set for June 6.

She said he stated in the text, “If you decide to help me, I can pay $600/month for a place and still be able to marry you to put u on my insurance. (The former girlfriend noted that she has lupus and cannot see the specialist on her own insurance policy.)

His court date on the new violations is set for June 23.