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Waste Pro and city gearing up for June start


Trash and recycling carts are currently being assembled for Waste Pro’s June first start date in Germantown.

The shiny new carts are scheduled to be delivered beginning as early as May 11.

Monday route customers will first receive new carts. Check the City website at or Facebook at City of Germantown, Tennessee for a daily update on delivery schedule.

Each residence that currently has one recycling cart will automatically receive a 64-gallon blue recycling cart.

Those that currently have two recycling carts will receive a 96-gallon blue recycling cart. All curbside customers will also receive one 96-gallon green trash cart.

Optional 96-gallon brown yard debris carts are available for a one-time usage fee of $75 and may be ordered online at

Due to the automation of the trash and recycling collection industry, standardization of containers is now mandated. All curbside customers must use the new city issued 96-gallon green trash cart.

Personal containers and carts from previous contractors may no longer be used. Every curbside customer will receive a new 96-gallon green trash cart at no extra charge.

For residents that require more than one cart, there is a $75 one time usage fee per additional cart.

It is important residents do not use the new carts until Waste Pro begins collecting on June 1. The new carts are fitted for collection by Waste Pro trucks not the current vendor.

Customers who are currently receiving backdoor service will continue to receive the same service unless they request a change.

Backdoor customers may continue to use their current containers as long as they are 45 gallons or less. All trash must be secured in plastic garbage bags and placed inside the trash collection container.

Material outside the container will not be collected at the backdoor. In the coming months, backdoor customers will have the option to order a 64-gallon trash cart at no extra charge. To change service from backdoor to curbside, visit

Old trash, recycling and yard debris carts will be collected beginning Tuesday, May 24. Cart collection will follow the regular pick-up schedule. Customers are asked to simply leave their old carts at the street after Inland completes collection. Cart collection will be completed by Tuesday, May 31, with the Monday route due to the holiday on Monday, May 30. Again, new Waste Pro carts must not be used until June 1.

Trash, recycling and yard waste will be collected weekly on the already-established collection schedule. While a rate adjustment is expected to take effect in July, customers will be billed the current collection rate for June.

A complete FAQ is available online at Additional questions may be directed to or (901) 757-7299.