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Germantown approves TraVure development


After a two-hour public debate, the Germantown Board of Mayor and Aldermen unanimously approved the TraVure development on 10 acres near the Nottoway subdivision.
Gill Properties can now begin phase one of the $90 million development, which will include two hotels, a 5-story office building and a parking garage.
Opponents cited light pollution from the multi-level parking garage and traffic congestion around the development, which will be located on Poplar Ave. east of Kirby, as major problems.
Germantown resident Lizette Flowers said the development was too dense.
“I compare it to a 300-pound man in a Speedo,” she said. “Not a pretty sight.”
Noting that the development was not perfect, Alderman Forrest Owens called TraVure a development that meets city ordinances.
“If we turn this down tonight,” he said, “we are sending a pretty clear message that a developer can come into town and meet our ordinance requirements, reduce his warrants to zero and still be rejected.”
Work on the development is expected to begin this spring.

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